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  • 1 hour of RevisePal a week significantly improves student grades.

  • Can save up to 200 hours of teacher time per year.

  • Covers 8 GCSE subjects curriculum.

  • Provides actionable insights for school leaders and teachers.

  • The evidence-based system that secondary school teachers love.

Personalised GCSE homework, proven to boost student grades

How RevisePal is Different

We are GCSE teachers, and we spoke with 100 more!

Teachers want to know which students are struggling and where, so that they can help. We inform teachers automatically who needs support, and in what areas, saving hours of marking each week.

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Who is struggling? Where? Know instantly, with StruggleScore™.

Using an algorithm based on time taken, difficulty rating, and scores, we tell you where students are having trouble and need support.

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Class & Student Progression

How are your students improving, or not, over time?

We track your class and student progress over the course of the year, so that heads of department, head teachers, parents, and students can see their preparedness for exams.

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Broad Subject Coverage

One tool. Many Subjects.

Use RevisePal at your school and solve the homework problems for many subjects at once. We work with teachers of all of our subjects!

We cover biology, physics, chemistry, maths, english literature, physical education, religion. 

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Student Teacher Comms

Promotes progressive and safe learning conversations.

Students can explain their working for each question, and provide a reflection on the assignment. Then the teacher can respond with a next step or motivational message.

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Feedback. What people are saying.


Jane - Biology Teacher

"This has got everything I need to teach my class effectively throughout the year.”

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Aanya - GCSE Student

"I never thought I’d walk into my GCSEs with so much confidence, I could see where I was in terms of how much I was struggling, and my teacher knew where to support me."

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Tom - Head of Science

“I think this is a really nice tool, lots of stuff I haven't seen in other options.”

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Simple assignments, engaging revision

How It Works


Use RevisePal Teachers to create pre-filled assignments for students to complete on their laptops, or their GCSE RevisePal mobile app.

1. Create an assignment

Select all of the topics and subtopics you would like to assign to students, and we will provide the quiz games.

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2. Share with students

Once you've decided what you'd like to test on, students will see the pending assignment in their dashboard.

3. Complete assignment

Students use the UK's favourite GCSE app to complete the assignments.

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4. Analyse results

Review the status and outcomes of the assignment on your RevisePal Teachers dashboard.

Success Stories

See how people like you have benefitted from RevisePal



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How to get started

If you're interesting in improving your class grades through data and engagement, then either create your assignments, free. Or book a demo, and we'll be happy to help.

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