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Our mission is to make students want to revise. We do this by making revision a game, rewarding progress, and providing an easy to use, interactive app


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Dan P



Year 11

"Honestly I enjoy it. It looks great, the structure works, and I recommended it to my friends."



Year 10

"I've grown to prefer doing this than TikTok scrolling. My mates are all competing on it"

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Year 11

"Really interactive. I spend hours on this when I'm on the go or am relaxing at home"

Scientifically Proven

The best way to do GCSE revision

We use the retrieval practice method in a beautiful app to increase revision, study time and effectiveness

Retrieval practice study results

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We keep things to the point and tell you exactly what you need to do to be happy and successful in your GCSE revision.

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The app is available for free today on iOS and Android devices. Let us know any feedback and happy revision with RevisePal!

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Check out our mission to raise money and provide the best experience for students to revise



Now available on all devices

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RevisePal currently has 5 GCSE subjects available for revision and will continue to add more subjects and questions over time. The core subjects are covered thoroughly and each month we add new content to keep you on your toes! (and it's a chance to win more points)

GCSE Revision App subjects
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