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Free GCSE learning & revision tool used by 100,000 students

Create automatically graded assignments, monitor your classes' progress, and increase their engagement 4x.

Feedback. What people are saying.


Jane - Biology Teacher

"“I think it is a great learning tool that can really helps students with their studies.”

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Aanya - GCSE Student

"I never thought I’d walk into my GCSEs with so much confidence, this app stops me from doing less productive things on my phone and is fun!"

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Tom - Head of Science

“I think this is a really nice tool for students”

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Why choose RevisePal

It's the best way to boost grades through Revision

Our core belief is that students are motivated by games, rewards and competition. We have built GCSE RevisePal around intrinsically motivating students to revise. Making life easier for teachers, whilst improving each student's academic performance.

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