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Download the GCSE App


Available on iOS and Android

Our award winning GCSE app is free to download on iOS and Android.

Revision. Now it's a game!

Ever wondered why exam revision is such a bore? Well, because it is, at least it has been... until now.

We made GCSE RevisePal a game. Earn points, get play streaks, play against friends, and compete against the rest of the country. This isn't your normal revision app.

At 25,000 downloads and growing, we are the fastest growing GCSE exam app in existence, and we plan to save students from the pains of revision.

If you have any thoughts on the app... What would you like to see? Let us know! Every single message is considered - see your vision come to life.

Jane - Biology Teacher

"“I think it is a great learning tool that can really helps students with their studies.”

Happy Businesswoman_edited.png

Aanya - GCSE Student

"I never thought I’d walk into my GCSEs with so much confidence, this app stops me from doing less productive things on my phone and is fun!"

Female Student_edited.png

Tom - Head of Science

“I think this is a really nice tool for students”

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