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The Research

The science of Revision

GCSE Revision is a science, not an art, and we aim to make the most of this science, plus the reality of mobile app psychology to make your GCSE year as fun and successful as possible. We create a synergy of science, so that you can flourish...

How We Learn

Real research, real results.

We take learning seriously... and make it enjoyable. RevisePal is designed around proven scientific studies support the use of frequent and quick tests, as well as making apps enjoyable

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Enjoyable Apps

Easier to use, means more time to revise

There are lots of addictive and entertaining apps around today that compete for students' time and attention. We realise that making a GCSE revision app that is enjoyable and easy to use is vital when competing with social media and other non-educational apps. As we know, the more time spent revising, the better the results, so the app needs to be fun and intuitive.

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Test, Test, Test

The science.

The importance of GCSE testing, and more specifically taking past papers and mock exams, is clear and proven now in the scientific and education communities, however, it tends to be overlooked during revision period, and reading books becomes the main way to revise! Various academic journals show the evidence in data of frequent quick testing and the positive and direct effect it has on GCSE exam results.

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