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CGP vs RevisePal Comparison in 2022

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How we compare

Swapping CGP books for RevisePal gives you a comprehensive solution for GCSE revision of physics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics, only in a digital, accessible and gamified format, so your students can revise anywhere, and with much greater engagement.


  • What is a bubble?
    A bubble is a question set including 5 answers.
  • Can I change my school?
    Yep, just go into Profile > Edit Profile > Edit School
  • Can RevisePal integrate with 3rd party apps?
    Not yet! But we are working on integrations with teacher's systems.
  • What should I do if I can't get the app to work?
    Just drop us a message from the support page, or send an email to
  • What should I do if I get blocked from doing any more bubbles?
    You have most likely downloaded the version from the App Store or Google Play, so you have restricted access. Follow the user guide instructions above to ensure you get the Pioneer version!
  • Are there any setup fees?
    Nope, zero.
  • Do I need to enter credit card details to sign up?
    Nope, just drop us a message :)
  • Are there any hidden fees?
    Nope, it's not possible to spend anything as a Pioneer!
  • Will my data be safe?
    Indeed, please see our privacy policy.
  • Do you offer a free trial?
    Yes. You can try the Pro version of RevisePal free for 3 days.
  • How many questions do I get on the free version?
    You get 20 free bubbles, that's 100 questions!
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