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The UK's #1 GCSE Revision App Arrives in Schools

Posted 4 Nov 2022

Students were so engaged in revision on RevisePal throughout 2021-22, that over 13,000 of them used it on their own accord. We were so happy with the reaction and engagement that we wanted to make sure teachers are a part of the success.

RevisePal is now available for schools, with teachers able to manage and monitor their classes revision progress.

Gone are the days of pleading with students to revise and getting nowhere, fast. Now students are intrinsically motivated to revise, making the teacher's life a whole lot easier.

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We've worked with GCSE teachers to figure out whats important for you, and will continue to do so.

What Can Teachers Do?

Basic Admin

Teachers can manage their class' licences, meaning you can distribute, enable and disable them as you wish.

You can see who has activated their account and therefore signed in.

Massive Engagement

Importantly, you will be able to see how engaged students are being. We let you see how long each student has been revising for, and on which questions, topics and subjects they have been working on.

You can see how many points students get and where they seem to be struggling, giving you insights into where to focus for each student.

Making the Most out of RevisePal

Teachers are free to use RevisePal how you wish. We have some suggested ways to get students started and the begin the engagement in revision gaming.

Target Setting

One of the simplest ways you can drive and measure engagement is by setting a class a target of points to achieve overnight or over the weekend for example. RevisePal's reward points system means that if students complete a bubble, they will earn between 5 and 15 points depending on the level of difficulty they reach. On the other hand, if they fail a bubble, they lose a point. So if they are struggling, they will need to revise a bit longer to reach that target. Which makes sense!


Using RevisePal's leaderboard, you can see where each student ranks in the country. So you could have your own class leaderboard, reward those that come out on top, if you're up for a more competitive angle.

It's also highly motivating to get students representing the school and helping it succeed. With your classes combined efforts, you might be able to get your school onto the national leaderboard for bragging rights and pride!


The most laid back approach is to trust in the gamification of RevisePal, and just ask the students to get started on a topic and see how they do. if they're motivated to earn points, then they'll be just fine!

Coming Soon

We spend most of our time figuring out ways to make revision more and more engaging for students, so we've got a bunch of exciting features in the works. Including coins so that students can purchase from a store. Avatars. Challenges.

Our mission is to make revision no longer have a negative connotation by making it engaging and enjoyable. Get in touch if you want to get started with RevisePal in your GCSE class today.


How to get started

If you're interesting in improving your class grades through gaming, then let us know via our sign up form and we will respond by email.

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