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GCSE Revision Timetable Guide

Everybody needs a revision timetable! But there are so many to choose from. our advice is to tailor your own, based on whats available out there in the internet-o-sphere (patent pending).

Have a read through our suggested articles and craft your own personalised revision timetable that you can brag about to your peers 😀.

Good luck, and happy timetabling!

Paper arts and crafts


Third Space Simple Revision Timetable

Let's kick off with our favourite guide on how to make a revision timetable, the perfect place to start your own timetable journey. Third Space guides you through everything you need to know in a clear way. This one is critical!

Go Student Revision Timetable

Go Student breaks down the timetable in chronological order, helping you better understand the best practice way to structure your plan. What we like about this plan is that it emphasises the need for spaced repetition! Make sure your toughest subjects come back into the cycle intermittently. You may know, we're big on the retrieval method and spaced repetition :D

Study Buddy Revision Pack

Study Buddy offers something a little different. A pack of tools to help you get organised for revision. This includes a whiteboard, a digital tracker, and a study summary. The perfect accompaniment to the RevisePal GCSE revision game!

Bitesize Revision Content

Bitesize does its thing with lots of real life content. Videos from people who have been there, done that, and are now sharing their success stories with the world. Some absolutely fantastic tips to incorporate into your timetable here.

The Exam Coach Revision Timetable Guide

Another one of our favourites to round off your timetable. Its probably looking in good shape now, but go through this guide and video to make final adjustments and ensure you haven't missed anything.


You should be well on your way to an amazing GCSE revision timetable now. The only thing left to do is to get cracking. Don't forget that RevisePal lets you revise anyway, so you can stick to your timetable no matter where you are!

Once you've created your timetable, let us know if you're really proud of your work and send us a copy and we'll share it with our community!


How to get started

If you're interesting in improving your class grades through gaming, then let us know via our sign up form and we will respond by email.

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