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The Best GCSE Revision Apps This Year

It used to be the case that revision consisted of a textbook and some past papers (if you were lucky). Now with the prevalence of mobile app tools and access to information online, the GCSE students of this year have more tools than ever at their disposal, they just need to know what they are and how to use them!

Finding Information

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize screenshot GCSE

Now a classic. This has been around forever, and for good reason. Bitesize has been gathering and honing GCSE content for years and is now probably the most in depth information available (outside of getting all of the subject textbook).


SnapRevise screenshot

If you prefer absorbing information through video, then SnapRevise is a fantastic choice. It's progressive tree structure is engaging and it's videos are well made. A nice new addition to the GCSE toolkit.

Creating & Collaborating

Google g suite screenshot

Google have blessed us with a fantastic set of tools to get your work done all in one well crafted, easy to use, free suite. Here are some of the highlights to make the most of. * Writing: Docs * Discussing: Meet * Calculating: Sheets * Storage: Drive * Presenting: Slides


GCSE Revision App

Various apps and websites that have been around for a while have GCSE quizzes and past paper questions. What is necessary for effective revision however is consistency, and how do we get consistency? Through enjoyment and engagement. The best way the enjoy apps are through games and competition, they are addictive. RevisePal provides a UK-wide competition for GCSE students completing the quizzes, so you can compete with friends and schools. The app is easy to use and uses the retrieval method, the most effective method out there, so guarantees better results and lower stress.


How to get started

If you're interesting in improving your class grades through gaming, then let us know via our sign up form and we will respond by email.

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